We do what we do out of sense of responsibility to our community and love for mankind. Some of our success stories are:


Mike W.

Mike is a 27 year old autistic man who ran away from an abusive home and came to Grand Rapids to escape physical abuse and financial exploitation.  After living at a local shelter and receiving no additional services, Mike was referred to Matthew's House Ministries Transitional Housing Program. After moving into the Seed House and participating in our programs, he was able to move out of transitional housing into his own house and open a small lawn care business. Mike has gained a place in the community where he is considered family.


Peter was a heroin addict and drug dealer, wanted by federal law enforcement. Peter lost his children to child protective services and was living on the street. After confronting his legal situation, Matthew's House Ministries assisted Peter in getting clean and sober, obtaining a job and regaining custody of his three children.  Peter is now engaged, has opened his own business and has been substance free for over three years.

Jesse K.

Jesse was living without direction, using and selling cocaine. He was unemployed and in need of a stable place to live.  Matthew's House Ministries was able to provide the foundation and guidance that Jesse used as tools to overcome the barriers and challenges he encountered.  Jesse is now employed, attending college and seeking a Master's Degree in social services, is able to pay his own rent, is drug and alcohol free, and has become a positive and powerful community leader.